once again



what does it takes to be happy?

personally, nothing less than a million dollars. or something worth a million dollars.

once again i am standing at a point in my life where my bajillion dollar happiness is slipping out of my hands. I know, I can’t hold on to it, but I am trying everything.

Once again i am standing where i was  8 months ago but with a wiser head and a weaker heart. Once again the future looks uncertain, dark n frightening. Once again I don’t want to look ahead. These feelings are not new to me. I just didn’t knew that they will comeback this soon and with this much force.

Everyone has heard the tales of how shattering a break up is, breaking up with one is difficult. But once again I have to endure the pain of doing it with 4 at once.

How can someone in a few months become so important that the life without it becomes unimaginable. They say history repeats itself and it certainly has in my case. But i don’t think i have it in me to go through it once again.

a year in a life span doesn’t count for much..but I will gladly give my life to live it once again.

I was naive the last time, didn’t knew how to deal with it. Left to suffer the pain of a broken heart. But this time i have given the broken pieces to each one of them. no heart no pain! But that damn empty space, still aches.


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