Planet Hell, Unearthed.


as a child i was always fascinated by two things or one can say two questions. 1)Are we alone in this universe? and 2)Why is it so damn hot!,all the time?

After years and years of deliberation with priests, scientists and fancy jobs alike. I realized that I can not take these two questions in isolation. Then I found ‘The Answer’. I have an idea, an idea so controversial that if Dan brown found about this Tom hanks will return as Robert Langdon , an idea so polemical that if any one in the parish gets to know about this, I shall be done. Thank god! I have an anonymous blog that very few have the time to read.

So, The question arises what is this idea?

Here it is (Drum-rolls)…What if earth is the hell of some another planet!!

Think about it, we can not be alone in this universe, we have so many galaxies and there has to be at least one planet that has the atmosphere like us. There has to be at least one other planet with life on it. and I’m not alone who is thinking this I have the support of millions of star wars nerds  and alien conspiracy junkies.The question is not where are we going to find it but when are we going to find it?.

Now on the second part, about the destroying of earth. This not only includes The global warming, The exploitation of resources,The Deforestation etc but also includes terrorism and wars which are slowly but steadily destroying the earth in its physical form and its spirituality by eroding the value system of earthlings.

Now is the time for the EXPLANATION:

As the story goes, Earth was once a beautiful place, some of it still is- The Mountains(or whatever is left of them). Earth once was a harmonious place, some of it still is- The Mountains. Then arrive us : The Dudes. And The Dudes did what they do best, they set on their motorcycles and rode all over the earth, leveling each and everything that came in their way without knowing the consequences.But some of the Dudes realized their mistake and formed their own clan,to stop the dudes, lets call them The Geeks.The Geeks started to educate the Dudes about the evils of their doings and were successful in converting few dudes into geeks. But as the old prophecy goes “If one falls, more will rise” The Dudes always outnumbered The Geeks.

Now years have passed the geeks are still fighting with the dudes. But as the geeks are, insubstantial and feeble the only thing they can do is watch the Dudes with horror and pain, as they destroy their home with their own hands. Converting this resourceful mass into a colossal piece of impotent land or The Hell.

And all those martians, which do not perform their chores or are not law abiding citizens are reincarnated here as either The Dudes or The Geeks and suffer through Hell by watching this beautiful planet becoming , well, Hell.


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  1. What if it is simply our own Hell? Heaven we may need to figure out by living through Hell first. Isn’t that just the confusion of a self-conscious life? Maybe humankind that found out already populates the rest of the Universe making it into a huge Heaven, leaving Hell to us until we learn and leave too. Isn’t that why we point up for Heaven and down for Hell while we forget to point at ourselves?

    • Yes that could be a another way of looking at it.As Socrates once said “Hunger is the best sauce”. one will definitely appreciate heaven better if he has been to the Hell.

  2. A unique take on it, however as A Buddhist I believe we end up with the world as we conceptualize it in our thought, speak to others about our goals, then put the plan into action. So my question I want answered is why so many people want to turn paradise into hell?

    • One can think of it as paradise as much as one wants.But watching li’l kids suffering from malnutrition and many many other evils of the society, It is very hard for me, being an optimistic, to think of it as a ‘paradise’. Sorry believe me I respect every religion but I cant do this. We can( and we must) turn this into a paradise but its hell for now.

  3. In a sense the world which has been created around us is a cesspool masked by bling bling and so called beautiful people, well that’s more of modern times, if you go back in history the hell on earth was more blatant I think.

    The idea of this planet being “alien-fucked” is not that far off once you start to wonder how in the blue hell a bunch of ill slaves managed to built those pyramids, as far as I know there are few cranes nowadays which can move those huge stone blocks around… but more than that it becomes more possible when you ask yourself where evil originates.

    If you look at little children you’ll notice that they don’t have the same fucked up obsessions so called mature people have, they don’t scheme to dominate their fellows and it’s very rare to see any degree of agression in them, if they have any I’d bet it has more to do with their neurotic parents rather than something being wrong with those children.

    So in all probability you could conclude that little children don’t have those messed up mindsets and have no interest in perpetuating them out of their own free will. If you track back humanity to its origin point and if there were baby humans who didn’t have such neurosis in them… then who or what brought evil into this planet? or more specifically to the human dynamic.

    I’d think there was some intervention from a not so sane outsider force, but then the establishment would want to make such an idea pass as pure mental masturbation… the last thing spheres of power want is people thinking outside the box… unless it’s about making more money in business.

    This can be a huge topic and it can take you to explore many streams of thught, I could spend hours talking about it and about other ideas to which this is related.

    • the whole idea of it was that we didn’t need any outside intervention we all are the sinners from ‘mars’ and we are here to pay.We don’t need someone else to pollute our mind coz they are already polluted.

  4. I’d never really thought of hell in that way. No wonder we haven’t encountered any life forms, we’re being avoided! 😉 Thanks for the follow, I enjoy reading your blog it’s interesting.

  5. What if Earth was the center of some universe in another dimension? Where would that center be located, New Jersey?

  6. Sometimes I think everyone, no matter what their belief is, gets the afterlife they specifically believe in. My garden taught me that “the weeds shall inherit the earth.” Your theory suggests that if “the geeks…inherit the earth,” it will be like taking last place! So many questions…

  7. I came to the conclusion years ago that Heaven on Earth is wrong. If there is a heaven than hell must be earth. It’s hot, dangerous and there certainly are demons present. Live next to my neighbor for a day and tell me I’m wrong.

  8. Aww, I like many of the human additions to earth. As Quatermain said “The Garden of Eden, no doubt, looked fair before man was, but I always think that it must have been fairer when Eve adorned it.”

  9. You need to get out more. For one thing, if the place you live it too hot, move to the Yukon or Siberia and you will realize that hell would not have to be hot to be torture.
    Also, nature is nearly perfect and it keeps cleaning up after us despite our repeated attempts to suck out every last morsel of value from it. It keeps regenerating and recovering. The ecosystem is designed to be in equilibrium and it will do whatever is necessary to bring it back into balance, if that means flooding or ice ages or what have you, so be it.
    Earth is only as terrible as you let it be. Don’t let your circumstances dictate your reality.
    Choose to love.
    Choose to be happy.
    Choose to be joyful.
    Choose Jesus. Peace out.

  10. This reminds me of a story of mine. Except in my story human beings aren’t subjected to the hell of Earth, they make Earth hellish in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. There’s little communication between those exiled and human beings. Only certain kinds of outsiders can begin to grasp the mind of the alien–it’s something about them being farther from “Human Life” and closer to being alive in general. Both experience Earth at its worst.

    Earth is a kind of torture beyond physical or mental pain: it’s existential torture.

    I only wrote one story (so far). I wanted to make it like this epic multi-generational saga about a ‘family’ that tries to fight for an ideal the world doesn’t even understand, much less accept.

    Perhaps the real reason why we don’t hear from extraterrestrials is that their stories are often like mankind’s: they reach a level of technological sophistication but are bogged down by the baggage of irrelevant instincts.

  11. Ray Bradbury would be proud. What a helluva way to put it. I agree that Earth must be hell every time i step outside. Its either the heat, very bad drivers, or dumb ass people that convince me so.

  12. I like your take on things. Interesting, to say the least. I have a strange habit of looking at the tags in the post before the post itself and I chuckled to myself when I saw your tags!

    Thanks for checking WordSongs out. Would you like to contribute a note or letter that has affected you positively or negatively?

    See you around 🙂

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